When Is It Out?

Does any one know when Comodo Anti-Virus full version is out, I really want it but i dont fancie the risk withit being beta!

Thanks (CNY)

Although I seem not to have problems with the latest beta, I’m sure the Comodo team is working on a full version, now when the new Firewall 2.4 pro has been released!

we will surely be informed by Comodo staff shortly on this… :THNK


Fingers crossed:

We should have a very stable beta next couple of weeks.

With this beta, detection should be acceptable also (not the best in the industry yet, but acceptable)

After that beta, subject all being well, few weeks after, we should have the Production release.


Hopefully should be here soon. I’m looking forward to replace AVG as my AV of choice for users I support as Comodo actually updates itself when it needs to ;D.

so does no 1 know when exactly there planning on releasing it


There is expected to be a release candidate soon (possibly next version), and should everything go ok, a stable may be released shortly after.

It should not be anymore than 3-4 weeks before we see a stable, depending on circumstances.