When is it going to be compatible for Vista?

Hey I don’t know if it goes here or not but I want to know when this will be compatible for Windows Vista because I would like to use the product but as of right now it does not work properly and I have had to uninstall it.

And what is this product you refer to?

The entire Comodo system, antivirus and all. I installed it lastnight and it kept giving me incompatibility errors while installing and just would not work

Only Comodo BOClean is Vista-compatible at this point, as far as I know.

CFP v3 (currently in Beta testing) is Vista-compatible.

I think that’s it right now. They are working on it for the AV, and probably other applications as well. As I understand it, Vista is a bear to program for…


The anti-virus isn’t Vista compatible yet. It won’t be for a long while:

The firewall version 3 BETA already is:

The others I don’t know.

ok well I just got the firewall so hopefully that will work. I just wanted something that works with my system and not against it like the one I had to remove last night did. Thanks for the info