When is DACS coming into COMODO internet security

Just wondering when is DACS coming into COMODO internet security? ;D

soon hopefully.
but dont count on it they havent even added it into the CCE scanner yet. it still only scans memory

soon but not that soon 2 be waited for …
Bugs need to be treated and dealt with first, and only then we can talk about new features…
As far as I can see, if CAV currently doesn’t slow down the execution of , for example word.exe outlook.exe , that would be considered as a huge improvement that would make people, who are really attracted to those applications that don’t slow their computers in any way, hit back to comodo.
I’m not saying that CAV makes my computer sluggish, but there is always room for improvement and I know they are working on it.
In the mean time, try not to think about DACS and sleep well at night :wink:

If Comodo will build DACS in the CIS, the interest in CIS immediately disappear. VirusTotal better.

Yep… say something smarter next time ;).

DACS is nothing like VirusTotal, other than the use of multiple engines.

??? Hi Chaps i read a post stating, that CCE only scans with Dacs in memory and Comodo Av elswhere?.If that is the case, why is it enabled to use Dacs only in memory?. I thought the whole point of Dacs was to use multiple scanners to make CCE detect more malware than Comodos av alone, or am i missing something?.Is it the case perhaps that on final version all vendors avs in Dacs will be used in all areas that can be scanned?.

I also read somewhere in the forums that on, say a full scan, with CCE and say a malware is detected, then if Cav detects it and also some of the other Dacs vendors Avs do, then only Cav will notify the user of Cav detecting the malware.Can someone confirm this please or otherwise.If This is the case is it a resource thing or usability reason as to why all the vendors and Cavs should not be shown as detecting at the same time as with Hitmanpro.

Hope you get my meaning chaps.


Hi, dave1234. (:WAV)
By my understanding, the issue with DACS only scanning in memory is because file scanning hasn’t yet been fully implemented. So it should be eventually.