When is 17.5 going to be released?

I was wondering when the next update of Dragon was supposed to be released since Google Chrome was updated yesterday.

Comodo dragon updates are not based on google chrome. they are separate.

Usually, they work on them when they find out, it might be at the same time or before someone that comes posting about a new update on Chrome. I would say, give it a week or less, but it depends on the Dragon Developers.

Other than that, wasgij6 got everything covered.

I would expect a super fast update as the reason for the Google Chrome update was a high prio security hole in adobe flash?

Thank you!

This is the problem.
Chrome puts out a security update and you have to have it so fast. We cannot just rush them. If you want the latest security patches, then go use Chrome, stop expecting things to go your way here.

Unlike Google Chrome, Comodo Dragon does not use built-in Flash. Instead, it uses your PC’s Flash – unless you manually enable PepperFlash in about:plugins.

Therefore, go update your computer’s installation of Adobe Flash. :smiley:

Aha, excellent point. Totally forgot about that :frowning:

dragon shockwave is also isnt build in like flash ??

A little snippy are we? :-TD