When I scan a folder it says scanned 0 files?

Hello, I was testing the detection rate of Comodo but when I went to right click scan these folders separately (or together) Comodo comes back saying 1 second after 0 files scanned 0 files found. But there are over 300 files to scan.

What should I do to get it to scan? (When I scan it in Malwarebytes it scans correctly)

Have you checked CAV “Exclusions” list in Antivirus Settings ?

Are these files bigger than 40MB? If that is the case they will be excluded because of size.

Sorry I was away for a while but the folders are not in the Exclusion because it works fine anywhere else, if I move the folder it still doesn’t work and the files are not over 40MB.

But I did fix it though, I had to disable and re-enable the anti virus and it fixed it for some reason.