When I open WinRAR, eicar test file is detected??

When I open WinRAR, ‘eicar.com’ on C"\ is immediately detected.
And again when I close the program.

This happened 6 times then stopped. ???
Any idea why?

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probably i .rar file contained it?
Do you still have it on quarantine?

No. I knew it was there. It’s still there. I ignored it each time. I did use WinRAR to package it as a test some time earlier so could be some kind of remnant association?

So you know it sits there but you don’t have it on the AV exclusion list right?

So if you create an archive WinRar hit’s the C:\ drive and AV scanner kicks in right?
I think the “filename/path” box of WinRar opens C:\ drive, you should be able to verify with Process Monitor from Sysinternals/M$