When I open Comodo Backup, I'm prompted by User Account Control (UAC)

I’m running Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit.

Every time I open Comodo Backup, I’m prompted by Window’s User Account Control (UAC) to allow. I click yes to allow and Comodo Backup functions normally. Then, I close Comodo Backup. When I open it again, I’m once again prompted by UAC. Every time.

How can I stop this without making changes to the global UAC settings. I would like to note that I do not have problems with UAC with ANY other program besides Comodo Backup. So I do not want to completely deactivate UAC.

Thanks for your help.

Hi JayAaroBe , Exact too at me is ugual Kind regards

There are many programs that require administrator privileges.
All of them require administrator privileges each time they are opened.
This is Windows architecture, so there isn’t anything we can do.


Wrong answer! That only means that the program is old and not certified with Windows 7 and do not support UAC. It is stated that the program is compatible with Windows 7 but that is obviously not true.


Research information before you post replies, including sources to back up your claims.
Emanuel is quite correct with his reply, which puts you out of line.

There is something you could do, Include a start up program (thus will automatically be ran as admin) and once you open the icon on the desktop it will tell the start up program to launch Main GUI Window of CB…

I’ve tested this using Batch files so i believe it wouldn’t be any different; please correct me :slight_smile: