when i install the cis have problems

i use this product 2 years but today y clean and install my os xp sp2 fresh and when i install cis and restart won’t let me connect to the internet. i check everything it’s has been allowed and make my task bar change to classic. when i unistalled everything come out good my task bar get blue again and my connection too. i try to open firefox or comodo dragon or make a update to any program and said that have a error on the memory. can anyone have a solution for this.

Hi jose2009 ,

1st, there is no need to repeat the request … you just posted it today :wink:

If you just reinstalled the OS that’s always advisable to check its functionality and connection/browsing in particular… “as is”… without reintroducing the security
Probably you did that, but it is not clear from your post.

I am pretty much sure that the “memory error” you are having has anything to do with Comodo installation and the latter is not to be blamed if you installed it just after OS clean reinstallation. Just give it to go without any security & test (see p.s. as well)

The precise Error message will help too and the image attached would be nice to have

At the same time, what CIS version you were using “for 2 years” previously and what version and/or components were installed this time. Such information is very important as well.
Actually you can help yourself and do not install new version. Install the one you worked with and trust … at least as a part of the investigation

My regards

p.s. as an a side note you must install SP3 … sorry to mentioned that… but if you don’t … you have vulnerabilities there in place that none of security installed will cover