When I allow an alert...

I was setting up a temporary teamspeak server for my buddy and myself and I had originally allowed the teamspeak server program to run. When my buddy attempted to join for the first time Comodo firewall came up with an alert with his IP address. I do specifically remember unchecking the “remember my answer” box when I allowed his request. How long does that “allowed” status remain without the remember my answer box checked. He is on DSL and is with a dynamic IP address. So Obviously I don’t want his IP address allowed indefinetly. Is there a way that I can get in to either delete that allowed request after the fact or does it get rid of it after 24 hours or what? I appreciate your responses and thanks in advance.

I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure CIS will allow the connection until it is terminated. Then, when you go to reconnect again (even if it is the same IP), you will get another alert.

If you unchecked the “remember my answer” box, then that rule was not written to any part of CIS’s policy (Firewall > Advanced > Network Security Policy).