When does the firewall start?

Hi there,

I am using CIS for a few weeks now and there are some questions I couldn’t find any answers to. I hope you can help me out.

  1. I read that the botnet virus Backdoor.IRCBot.ADEQ is able to add a rule for itself to the windows firewall. I believe that Comodo Firewall is a standalone firewall and does not depend on the windows firewall. Is that right?

  2. I know, this should be in Defense section, but I didn’t wanted to make a new post for every question. When does CIS exactly start, because I have a programm, which Comodo Defense askes for everytime I start it (It can’t remember “allow” even if i check the remember box) except when I start it right, after I logged in Windows 7. (The programm is called blender btw). Now I think, that Blender starts, before Comodo so that Comodo doesn’t realize it. Is there any setting, where I can tell Comodo to start first, or while booting or something like that?.

Thats about it. Sorry but I didn’t found the answer in the manual or web. Maybe one of you knows it.



CIS is a standalone product, not relying on Windows Firewall, yes.

As to startup time, CIS starts when you boot up. At this time (with no GUI yet active), the sytem is set as default deny everything unknown. Only the GUI when active can change this. For that reason, you are protected immediately at bootup from attacks.

ok thanks, thats all I needed to know. :-TU

defense+ “block unknown attempts while the interface is not running”,
was described as dangerous (can cause problems), and would be meant for actual infection cases only.

is it default ON now again?