When do I deny or accept?

I’ve had Comdo installed for several months and it seems to be working, however, I am not entirely sure when I should deny or accept when a popup window asks for approval. I’m afraid if I deny a site, I may never get to log onto it again, so I’ve just been accepting them all. OK! I know this is wrong, but can someone give me some guidelines I should be following? Sometimes I know how to answer if I recognize the site I am using (Like Palm Sync or something else I recognize), but other times, I am at a loss.

Any help would be great!

I’m a newbie myself and not overly experienced with this firewall having just changed over.
The alerts you are talking about I take it are the application (programs residing on your computer) alerts.
Comodo sets up recognised programs for internet access-your browser, email prog, p2p prog etc.
Other programs will try to access for updates and other reasons.
You need to look at the alerts carefully, if you recognise the program and it has a legitimate reason to connect then you allow. If you do not recognise or unsure then block (you can always change block to allow later if needed).
One I had trouble with were OLE alerts until they were explained. For example, if you clicked a link in an email message you would get alert that “email prog” is trying to connect to the internet using your “browser”. Because you clicked the email link then in this case you allow.
Today I had an OLE alert that windows media player wanted to use svchost.exe (a windows service) to connect to internet. I ticked the remember box and denied. It was probably checking for updates but I prefer to update progs manually. The deny does not stop media player from working.

Hope this helps a little bit

Thanks, Sullo,
That’s pretty much what I had been doing, but thought I better get a little affirmation that what I was doing was OK. Your answer was reassuring.