When CPF 2.3 Is released What Security Software Can I Remove?

I have L n S 2.05p3, Avast Home, Process Guard 3.15 Full version, Win Patrol Plus, Windows Defender, Spyware Blaster, GesWall & Spybot S&D as my security set up.

With the new functions promised in CPF 2.3 which of the aboce software could I remove either because of duplication or its not necessary. (I will of course remove L n S

I am particularly wanting to reduce my resource useage.



I know that Window Defender uses up a lot of resources on my machine and causes more problems than it does any good and has never found spyware on my machine whereas Spybot is fairly light. I don’t know about process guard but I would think that I it uses up a fair bit of resources examining all process on your system. As far as I understand it, WinPatrol does the same thing as Process Guard so you’re duplicating your efforts there. I’m not sure about GesWall as I’ve never used it but looking on their site, I don’t think it would cause any problems…

Wish I could be of more help…


I would say do not use GesWall and ProcessGuard at the same time. You also have more than one antispyware products. Too many mouse traps could also harm the kids while they are playing at home.

From the CPF’s point of view, only LNS should be uninstalled.