When Comodo v3 out? [Closed]

When Comodo v3 is supposed to be released? Anytime soon i hope?


CFP V3 is due to enter public beta at the end of March or the beginning of April. Please bear in mind that these dates are elastic and may slip. Nothing is certain in the world of software development, except uncertainty.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Good day Eden!

Well i cant wait to try it and iam a little frustrated that ill have to wait 1 more month but its ok v3 must be really good.

I dont know hpow though but in my previous versions of comodo firewll rules were always messed up like if someone changed them… and those cgi-bin attacks again that i p[osted in the past…

We all are frustrated!! :wink:

But I am sure it will be well worth the wait!

According to the big boss, Melih, 16 april is the magic day for the first beta release of v3.0



Oh come on!! not 15 days later!! like 1 month wasnt enough :slight_smile:

lets hope it will be posted on late march!

Also what new will v3 will bring?

I cannot understand why some members are stressing comodo about releasing the new version. >:(
From my point of view it must not be released before the stable version of CAVS2 is out. ;D

ps. And all the guys that look forward for this should help betatesting CAVS2. This will help developing the CFP HIPS since the engine should be similar with the one of CAVS :wink:

Please - everyone - take a pill!

Software development is a horribly complex process and anything can go wrong and probably will.

Imagine if they stuck religiously to the announced date and released the product too early. Would we feel justified complaining that it had bugs?

The date really should be immaterial - the quality is what really counts.

Ewen :slight_smile:

A bit of an off subject question… I read somewhere yesterday online about Personal firewalls and “Stateful Packet Inspection” Apparently only a few firewalls have / use this method. Something about Stat Bot and some other worm getting through back in October. Does anyone know what I mean? Does CPF use SPI? I am behind a router which has an SPI FIrewall build in, I’m just trying to maximize my in bout and outbound protection.

Maybe I should stop reading everything in the world about online security.


Hi Ewen,

well they ask the beta to be released and they probably(?) already know that it will have bugs.

ps. But as you can see from the link below, most urgent & critical bugs of the stable version should be fixed first.

Even with a pill, we all looking forward to the beta release ;D

That pill must be stronger than the steroids that CFP 3 HIPS will be in order to calm yourself.

I want to have it like everyone else. However, I prefer it’s late then sacrifice the quality of protection! I much rather have the best firewall out there with the best protection, then have it rushed and be a let down. I want this firewall to leave all other major firewalls in the dust, so take your time.


Yes ;D, it does

Who knows the forecasting when CFP v3 with HIPS will be launched? Best Regards.

I’m one of those who know. ;D, but just for the beta. Currently, it hasn’t changed: April 16. Check this temporary thread: https://forums.comodo.com/index.php/topic,6927.0.html

We’ll keep it refreshed if the date ever changes.