When Comodo kicks the bucket..

…it should really be easier to re-install. When I can’t use Comodo’s UI, its a heap of junk no matter how many tools are in it.

That, or add cmd line tools that I can call when Comodo refuses to play nice (which it has done regularly since I first used it).

In fact, why not ditch the UI altogether and just provide a Python/PowerShell module with debug hooks that can let me know what it is or isn’t doing, so I can provide better bug reports?

I don’t know what to say since CIS has never "kicked the bucket " for me on any of the 3 machines and 3 OS versions I have it running on.

Hi smaudet,
I just looked through your non formatted bug report and it appears the issues for you have been persistent.
With the issues being persistent, have you checked that the system is not already infected?
How to Know If Your Computer Is Infected

If it is a genuine bug, following the format simplifies the reproduction of most bugs by the Developers resulting in a faster fix.

Thanks, I will run those tools and report back.

Is there not a chance we could get some API hooks though? It’d be nice to fire up e.g.



etc. etc.

As a backup if/when it fails. I could have a funny bit on the hard drive, who knows, maybe that’s why its been a persistent problem?

Why doesnt comodo just fix the bugs instead of nit picking about absurd bug formatting.?

Looks like this will take a while, but so far, no rootkits, I’ve run CCE before and it comes up clean (running it now).

I use the normal Microsoft Autoruns pretty regularly to clean up random annoying startup entries, so I try to keep that vetted, but I’ll run Comodo Autoruns here in a sec.

Again, I’ll report again when everything comes up clean, but I’m pretty sure it will.

Because without all of the details provided in a proper bug report, it’s going to be impossible to reproduce many of the issues reported. If the issue can’t be reproduced, the problem isn’t going to be fixed…

Looks like everything is good to go.

There were a couple false positives but nothing I was unaware of (Comodo hasn’t heard of Classic Shell, AttributeChanger, ParallelGraphics’ Cortona DirectSound, TinyCad, UltraVNC, or Xvid apparently, to name a couple - showed up in Autoruns).

So barring rootkits that the guide couldn’t detect, I’m A. OK. I find it more likely that Comodo just corrupted by sandboxing something it shouldn’t have, or became misconfigured in some other manner. Irrelevant, there should be repair tools regardless. Given that the recent upgrade fixed 200 bugs by Comodo’s own admission, I find it likely one of the 100 other bugs it hasn’t found yet (speculatively) interceded and caused the failed upgrade.

So any chance of getting those command line tools?