When Comodo is on I can't use the internet!

Hi, I’ve just downloaded Comodo and after rebooting my computer I discovered I couldn’t access the Internet… Tried both Opera (main browser) and IE, and neither of them worked.

I’ve changed my settings to allow Opera in every protocol and in every single port, but still it dosen’t work. I don’t even get an alert saying that it was blocked.

Actually to post this message I had to disable Comodo…

Please help… :-[


Similar problem here, see my other thread. Just thought I’d let you know you were not alone.
You could try a workaround that has worked for me in the absence of any advice from Comodo…
Goto Security, Advanced and click Configure in the Advanced Attack Detection and Prevention section.
Then click on the Miscellaneous tab and uncheck Block fragmented IP datagrams. Click OK.
Let us know if it works.