When Comodo 10 will be upgraded to Comodo 11 ?

Usually software update automatically but in the case of Comodo after different weeks since Comodo 11 has been released and after since different weeks new user will download version 11 from Comodo website and also AV TEST tested version 11 my PC where i never forced Comodo upgrade still have version 10: why?

There is a plan to upgrade Comodo 10 to 11?

When it is ready they will if you want to get the newest version then you need to force the upgrade by downloading the version 11 installers. Also this has been asked many times with the same answer.

Comodo 11 is the stable version of Comodo since different weeks.
If you visit the Comodo website you can download Comodo 11 as standard setup.

I still not understand why the version Comodo 10 still be not upgraded since AV test report version 11, Comodo is mading Comodo 11 to be downloaded so if is not yet ready or have issues why is the standard version who can be downloaded and also has been tested on independent laboratory?

Sorry if i ask this but my topic has been closed and the reply do not let me understand this situation.

As your question has already been answered, merge with previous topic.

When it is ready it will be released to version 10 users then and only then will a upgrade be possible last answer.