When CBOClean crashes try this. And please give me feedback !

Ok guys, when CBOClean is crashing with you, so that the systray icon stays green all the time, please try this :

  • Open the Windows Task Manager and shut down the BOC425.EXE process.

  • Open the Prefetch map ( C:\WINDOWS\Prefetch ) and delete the BOC425.EXE-whatever.pf file.

  • Reboot.

I would like to know if this helps you, or not …

Greetz, Red.

it looks like the people who are having problems with BOC are those who have installed comodo’s “memory guardian”… maybe “memory guardian” is conflicting with BOC’s scanning of memory…

According to Tyler it is realy a bug of CBOClean and it will be fixed in the next version.

But I have seen two cases ( two different systems ) now withought CMG running that I managed to fix this way, after re-/safe installing didn’t solve the problem. The first time I was using ATF cleaner on that system, the second time I only removed the BOC425.EXE-whatever.pf file.

Greetz, Red.

If it was a BOC bug, wouldn’t most people have the problem?

This is a valid question, but CMG exposes how apps like BOC do not adhere to standards when it comes memory.

Not necessarily; it could be very limited in the “why” of it, such that it impacts some aspect of hardware/software configuration. Thus, the # of users involved would decrease. There are quite a few reporting problems; certainly the majority who are using CMG seem to have done so.


I have been having the same problem with the BOClean screen going (and staying) green, and the CPU usage going to 100% and not dropping. I am also running Memory Garden. I am going to uninstall Memory Garden to see if this clears it up.
I have also reformated my XP computer (just to clean up the general grunge of a couple years worth of abuse), and now have a clean install with Comodo firewall, anti-virus, and BOCleaner. We will see how it does on a “new” machine.


The files you mentioned are not in my prefetch folder. Program would not install without crashing when it attempted to update. Wanted to send info to Microsoft when it crashed. Odd, I’ve never had a problem installing any program, ever. Also curious that Comodo programs are the only ones on my computer that wants to open IE instead if the default browser whenever you need the web.
Using Windows XP Hme SP2 / 3


That’s because they are specifically set to utilize IE’s internet connection settings. I don’t know why they’ve done it that way; only that they have…


I also try using the help menu and access the forums from within the program interface, but it doesn’t work. The page is there, but can’t post or anything… have to locate the forum on the web from within my browser.