When can we expect the stable version of CAVS

Do you have any idea when the the stable version of CAVS will be released as I don’t want to pay for a new license if it is only a short time to wait. I want to move away from Avast completely. If CAVS is as good as CPF then you will have the best products on the market including paid for products.
Sensational work, keep it up.
shadha (B)

I would be interested to know this also.

October I belive?


The stable release should be mid-October. There will be a beta of this on (I think) the 18th September, which will give a good indication of how many bugs there may be. From this a more accurate date for a stable release can be established.


Mike is right. stable is mid-october and a beta towards end of this month.


Another 2-3 weeks, I don’t think I can wait that long :'(. Can you give us any clue’s as to what we can expect in this new release? ;).


we hope to be the first AV with HIPS!
working with safelist to make sure we “prevent” infection rather than “detect”.


we are concentrating on the prevention side on this AV. We will stop any unknown malware from executing with this HIPS functionality. The certified apps will be allowed but unknown ones (including malware :slight_smile: ) will be intercepted.


Thanks for the reply Melih, sounds wicked 8). 2-3 weeks sounds so far away :'(. Keep up the excellent work.


Melih, as of right now and in the future when the stable version of CAVS is released how does CAV rank against all the other AV products like Kaspersky or NOD32??? I am thinking about buying Kaspersky but not until I try out CAV to see if it is any good.

Thanks in advance.

I wouldn’t compare CAVS just yet or even when the stable version is first released. It may take a few versions like with CPF before it shows its true potential and domination.


Yes as Steve just said it is to early to compare antiviruses. There are many issues at the moment with the current beta, but a lot of the bugs and issues will be worked out with the new beta being released later this month.


My question to you would be:

What is more important to you and your protection?

1)Ability to detect that you have malware?
2)Prevent the malware getting into your system in the first place?


As I understand it the “prevention mechanism” the new cavs will have is similar to the one System Safety Monitor has. That’s great, but it can be a major pain in the neck for someone who likes to “test” new software regularly.
That’s why I think the program should have more option to choose from than just “allow\don’t allow” and “remember yes or no”. These programs are not ready to be remembered, so to speak.

CAVS should also have something like “remember for this session”. The session lasting as long as CAVs is running. That can prevent a lot of unnecessary clicking\confirming.

Just to add to the confusion:

Even if Comodo still tags the Antivirus engine as a “Beta”-grade product, I’ve found it sufficiently stable to replace ClamWin on my primary workstation (Laptop).

In functionality it beats the ■■■■ out of most of the competition out there, including several commercial variants.

If you don’t want to renew your subscription, I suggest you go ahead and start running the Comodo AV kit now. I know I’ve done it, and don’t regret it for a second. (I went from Symantec, to clam, to comodo, and I’m NOT looking back with regrets)


fair point.
pls put it in the wishlist.

Thanks Svein

The reason why its called Beta is because it has not reached the “Comodo Standards”. Of course there are many companies out there with commercial products that does not even come close to Comodo standards :slight_smile: So your conclusion is right!


I am waitting mid-october. (:HUG)And one thing: never change graphic interface.It is greate. (:CLP)

Yes, I’ll second that. Very nice looking interfaces.