When automatic change IP zones sort by hostname?

I have 2 question.

1: When CIS-FW automatic check IP zone differences
between “old setting sort by hostname” and “newest into publick DNS”?
2: Where pick up IP zone if can auto changing?

CIS - FW have configuration the Network Zones by address range ,subnet mask ,MAC address
and hostname. All setting is convert to IP zone.
But old setting is not changed ,when changing newest IP zone into publick DNS.

domain name : old setting IP zone ‘into CIS FW’ : Newing IP zone by publick DNS
microsoft.com : aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd - eee.fff.ggg.hhh : -
BlockDomain.com : - : iii.jjj.■■■.lll - mmm.ooo.ppp.qqq

If both old setting is not automatic changing, mircosoft.com is ALL blocked by CIS - FW.
Now My CIS is Blocking access MicrosoftUpdate by browser :-\