When and How?

Ok im gonna start a thread about WHEN did you first start to use comodo firewall and HOW did you find out about it?

I started to use comodo about a year ago :slight_smile: and found it by researching different firewalls on google. I found comodo, gave it a try and have never looked back :smiley:

That’s pretty much my story too, except for me it started 6 months ago (L)

October 2006. Honestly, I was waiting a couple months during the summer to try out Outpost v4 while I was heavily researching for “best” firewall to try out. After waiting so long in the process and reading a lot of rave reviews on Comodo Firewall (thanks to good o google) I gave it a shot to try and haven’t regretted it :D.


that means monitoring incoming and outgoing IPs.
and blocking the CHEATERS!!

November 30, 2006 is when i registered at this forum.

I had been using Black Ice Defender.
but its buggy with windows, it BSOD’s XP,
and to use THAT i had to edit the boot ini and shut down dep. to thwart BSOD.

so i set out on an internet-wide search for a replacement.

and here we are today.

want to know more? check my profile, read all my posts.

Comodo ROCKS. (R)

its all i need. it doesnt bug me, and it just works. (:CLP)


HAVE FUN!! :■■■■


February 26, 2007 was my D Day hehe

I ve been a ZA user for a long time (I cant even trace back since when…That long) And I never even bothered to try out any other version.

A friend told me about comodo his bro is a sys admin and that’s how he got to know! Just thought of giving it a try cuz I love testing new software! And started loving it the moment I got it!

And what kept me going on! THE FORUMS! The best I’ve seen! A great community! And Melih’s accent LOL :stuck_out_tongue: