Whats Your Security Setup?

I’m currently running;

Shadow Defender
Microsoft Security Essentials
(Will also use Comodo Time Machine when it’s final)

What’s your security Setup?

Comodo FW and D+.

LUA and SRP with SuRun
Threatfire (with custom rules)
Windows XP Firewall
MBAM free for on-demand scanning

Will switch back to CIS when v4 is released.

GeSWall (you traitor Kyle. :P)
CIS (all components)

Firefox add-ons: WOT.

Nice and simple. :slight_smile:

CIS All components (On Max) & MalwareBytes (on Demand only) GMER Anti-Rootkit (on demand).
IE 8 WOT add on

Keeps my PC secure ;D

So you are on these forums without using CIS? :o :stuck_out_tongue:

Currently running:

F-secure… Not my computer thou… :smiley: :-TU

wot, no script

CIS full install-- Clean PC for D+, Safe for Firewall, Internet security config with Image Execution turned on and all monitor options on (Probably equivalent to the Proactive config)
Malwarebytes free only on demand–never finds anything
SuperAntiSpyware free on demand-- only finds tracking cookies

As a side note, I was trying to download a torrent from IsoHunt and I got the beginnings of what I’m sure was a rogue anti-malware app. The installation and scanning was stopped, not by CIS, but by IE8 which shut down the browser tab for what it said were security reasons. Now that’s what a browser should do. I have no addons to IE8 other than a couple of accelerators and Web Slices.

CIS Pro and
Malwarebytes OnDemand

Everyones security setup looks very nice…
Well done guys… O0

Glad you approve, Kyle… :smiley:

Hardened Linux gateway/firewall w/logging, IDS
CIS, custom config, all components
MBAM on-demand
a2 on-demand
Firefox w/NoScript, etc

I note a lot of MBAM in use…


CVA, CAVS, F+ with Custom global rules, D+ Safe mode with custom CIS Proactive config. IPv6 support disabled. GMER on demand.

Hi guys, CIS full Proactive Security, D+ in safe mode & FW in safe mode, Opera 10 (final) and that’s it!
Xman 8)

As LM, a linux gateway/router, CIS with custom configuration, fingerprint and gmer for on demand.

Update: Peerblock with several lists from I-Blocklist and replaced Adblock plus with Hostman with a number of lists. Also Ghostery and RequestPolicy have been put back.

You know what i miss in here ?

Secunia PSI

Keeping your system up-2-date is prevention :wink:

Keeping your system up-2-date is prevention

Agreed, but if you’re on top of what you use, you don’t need a third party to tell you…

Almost agreed, but a second opinion can never hurt, you know XP SP3 was shipped with a vulnerable flash 6.x ocx that does not appear in your “add/remove software” i won’t count the systems that have this installed and are vulnerable without even knowing it… And the above is just a sample :wink:

And it’s free anyway so why not scan once in a while ?

Indeed I guess it would be a good thing to integrate CVA in CIS 4 :-TU

Yea, like when it starts application X D+ checks in the background to see if there are new versions and or vulnerabilities, even better run in it in “more protective” mode if it has know vulnerabilities ;D

But then again updates are suspended for CVA at the moment according to Umesh :-TD.