What's your favourite search engine?

What is your favourite way of finding info on the web?

You can select up to TWO choices.

The above list does include some metasearches (where your query is sent to multiple dedicated search engines and the results are aggregated before being presented) as opposed to pure search engines.

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Ewen :slight_smile:

I have yet to find something better than Google (-www-). Used it for around 9 years.

Have a look at Exalead - very nice search and well presented results.

Killerinfo is a very good metasearch (includes searching on Google) and uses Vivisimo’s results clustering engine and presents them in a very convenient manner.

Ewen :slight_smile:

I always tend to use Yahoo since I have the toolbar. Both Google and Yahoo usually return with the same results.

I tend to use Google primarily. I use Yahoo every once in a while but not often enough to count for everything. Never tried out any of these metasearchers. I’ll have to though.

THanks. Exalead has the neat option of previewing most websites with a little screenshot, but the one thing missing from it is the ability to view more than 10 results on a screen.

Killerinfo doesn’t contain ads :-TU

I’ve mainly used Google. I’ll have a look at Killerinfo Panic. You guys using Ask also ? :slight_smile:

I’ve tried Ask, but unfortunately the results are usually off from what I’m searching and for some reason my browser scrolls up/down very slowly with it.

Google hands down. Mostly because they haven’t let me down yet and their searches are pretty accurate. And the fact they use solar panels to power some of their servers :slight_smile:

Killerinfo also has a “New Window” link beside each result which means you can have a look at a site in anew window or tab without losing your original search results screen.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Google. (-www-)

It will never be defeated. It’s very good.


Caesar thought the same. :wink:

And IBM thought mainframes meant forever.

Ewen :-


Oh my :o Where did you get that from?
When I searched I wondered if really existed :-[

We will see.


Have a look at www.cuil.com

Background tech. staff are ex-google and Stanford U. Nice concept and they boast an idex three times larger than google and no ads!

I just came here to post the very same thing!!! Not cool Panic, I found it over at the PCLOS forums just 5 minutes ago. Where do you get your info??

Back to the topic though, I’m very fond of it’s interface and minimalistic style. It even contains similar search results.

Also, is google getting a little behind the times? It seems like they’re focusing more on money making than improving search now. Cuil and at least one other search engine features categories now and has a very different interface than what the standard is.

Where’s the innovation with google?

More and more search engines are coming up with similar if not exact results and do it in a better way I think.

You can have a google based search and categorization - check out www.killerinfo.com or www.klusty.com. Both of these are metasearches, which include google as one of their contributors. They use the Vivisimop clustering engine to aggregate and refine their results (and get rid of the ads ;))

Ewen :slight_smile: