Whats your favorite e-mail client? [Community Poll]


Please vote your favorite e-mail client and why it is your favorite. Thanks for your votes :smiley:

My Vote: Thunderbird, because there are different themes and it is very easy to use ;).

I voted for Thunderbird.
It has Extensions and themes,
so it both works and looks like you want.
(:NRD) (:KWL)

I keep my mail store available for remote access, so that means I either manipulate it on the local mail server or via IMAP.

For getting down to business, Mutt is my favorite. The only time it fails me is when clients send mail with only html or rtf and no text part. At that point, I have to switch to Thunderbird. It’s MUCH faster when clearing out a large mailbox to work with the local mail store rather than remotely.

For general purpose personal communication, Thunderbird is my favorite. I’ve tried Outhouse 97 - 2007 and it always falls short performance wise. It also behaves badly as a IMAP client. Thunderbird is faster and less problematic.

I voted Other (Becky!), because IMHO she’s the best email client on the planet. ;D

I’ve always used Outlook or Outlook Express. I’ve never really bothered looking at any others.


Small point, but your question in post 1 says “web browser” not “email client.” I voted for Thunderbird, which I use at home because it is simple, clean and works well, and I haven’t bothered to shell out the $ for Office. I use Outlook 2003 at work, and its calendaring and task monitoring abilities is really important and used routinely. CHUCK

Ok, thanks it’s been changed to email client.


Lol oops, sorry we all have our days, yesterday was mine :-[

Yes, we do. Mine was this saturday, but I don’t like to talk about it. :-X

Ok, then I won’t ask about it :wink:

Ok, thanks.

No problem :smiley:

I have used and will probably always use Outlook E . I don’t really care for others. Outlook is the one thing I do like by MS and the setup, etc…is great, easy to use in my opinion. I wish I could change the looks slightly though. :wink:



Thanks for the votes so far guys :), but I know we can get more then just 11 votes!!

I can vote one more time… ;D

I am going to try thunderbird in the very near future and see how it works. Anyone have any suggestions?



I think it is really important to choose the right extensions, so you can use it like you want. I couldn’t be without contacts sidebar… I don’t have so many special ext. now, but i have what i need for the moment. Look at images. Themes is a matter of taste, but i want it pretty clean. Good luck with your efforts…

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Thanks for the info. I in fact use Noia for my Firefox theme. I will be trying Thunderbird perhaps tonight. Thanks again,


I’ve been using Thunderbird for quite some time now, and swear by it. Like some other posters, I like the themes and extensions available. Also, it has an excellent adaptive junk mail filter, which catches almost all of the junk received.

I still love the good old, mr. Postman.
…love it when my dog chased him over the alley, and heard him screaming out my name with an echo…