Whats your best cartoon?

Mine is Invader Zim. Alot of people do not know about this cartoon because it was cancelled by Nickelodeon. This is the only cartoon I would personally hold above Ren and Stimpy. So whats your best?

Ren And Stimpy…always my favorite.

Yeah they always cancel the good ones. Sigh

Dexters Labratory was my favorite from age 7 till even now at 18 :slight_smile: also Tom and Jerry oldies but goodie.

pokemon ofcourse :-TU (:HUG)

Dragon Ball Z Dudes.

Dennis the Menace ;D

Seconded - especially Vegeta ;D Final Flash !!! :smiley:

Dexter’s Lab is aso cool - If you love Dex - you love da best :smiley:

I like all the Warner Bros. series (Bugs Bunny etc.). For me, they are so funny…

+1. I grew up in the 70’s and cartoons now a days arrent even funny. Looney Toons will always be the best. Cartoons should make you laugh. Pokemon and Dragon Ball Z are so not funny.

I agree with you. Pokemon and DBZ falls under Anime and yes there is a difference between Anime and Cartoons.

No one else likes Dexters Labratory??? :’(

Exactly my point! Good to hear that someone thinks like that too.

I like it too.

Sponge-Bob :stuck_out_tongue:

No wait that was the worst.

Well I guess my fav is The Simpsons

but “The Singhsons” is also a good one ;D

I was going to say Sponge Bob. Patrick (the starfish) makes me laugh :-[. South Park and The Simpsons are good too.


Sylvester and tweetie pie. (foghorn leghorn is,a say is[are you listening to me boy] da man)

+1 on South Park.


Youre a Man City supporter. I look forward to seeing Ronaldinho and Jo shake up the premier league and never hear about C Ronaldo being the best ever again. :slight_smile:

Happy Tree Friends ;D

Dragon Ball z, dexter’s lab (I learned him everything… (:WIN), cow and chicken ( that red devil is killing me… (:LGH) ) , johny bravo (he will never get hot chicks poor loser…), pokemon, loony tunes, kim possible (she is soooo hot…), power puff girls, the jetsons, the flinstones, etcetera…