Whats Wrong?

Hi all

I have uninstalled the Beta and installed the new release… and I have a problem. My firewall works BUT I cannot see anything, no activity no coloured flashes on icon next to the clock. Please see below.

I am on Vista 32 home prem
wireless with firewall off on router.

PS I have uninstalled the lot and reinstalled it, Same.

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I have uninstalled it and reinstalled it 6 times, still the same. I have even just installed the firewall separately with the same result… no activity on the icon and nothing in active connections. Whats happened to my laptop?

Hi bcliffe145

What other security apps do you have installed/running? Maybe something else is conflicting with your install. When you uninstalled did you reboot and use a registry cleaner that you trust to clean out anything that may be a problem? What did you have installed before CIS? Did it all get cleaned out properly? Sometimes remnants get left and cause all kinds of wired problems.


Hi John

Thanks for your reply. This was my first thought but going though the same procedure over and over again it’s making me wonder. I used comodo’s own reg cleaner and also used regcure after uninstall. Rebooted every time and every step to make sure. I used avira anti virus before with comodo firewall, this I uninstalled as the firewall was a ■■■■■■ to setup (this was before I understood it) Then I put back a old copy of Eset Security which I had 4 weeks left of my current license, this was removed and all reg programs run after reboot and then another reboot before install… I wouldn’t mind but I had the firewall showing me activity in beta CIS but uninstalled it because the CIS kept reporting it wasn’t using the up to date anti virus… Is there something in the reg I can look for or it there a file not being overwritten in a install.