What's wrong with Comodo Forum search function?

I’m frequently (but not always) unable to find keywords that exist in this forum using the search function.

I know this because I can find the same keywords (in this forum) using Google!

Here’s an example of a keyword found in this forum with Google but not found with the forum search function: RPC Control\spoolss (found at: forums.comodo.com/defense-help/wscriptexe-and-rpc-controlspoolss-t31540.0.html;msg228750)

Here’s another: BTStackServer.exe (found at: https://forums.comodo.com/virusmalware_removal_assistance/my_hijack_log_vista-t24745.0.html;wap2=)

So, what’s wrong with Comodo Forum’s search function? Or, what am I doing wrong?

Thx, Rob

Welcome to the forum.

I don’t remember the last time it’s properly worked. However, the Advanced Search is better.

I agree with Soya, the advanced search works much better at finding what you desire.

So, what's wrong with Comodo Forum's search function? Or, what am I doing wrong?

Thx, Rob

If the advanced search doesn’t help for whatever reason, just ask us what your looking for. :-TU