whats wrong with 37464 port ?

all the time from CIS installation i see incoming attempts from all around the world to get 37464 port on my machine. i trien to find something with google and on this forum about possible port usage (so maybe some trojan needs it) but i found nothing. i’m sure this is not only a single case with such strange behavior so I hope someone could explain what does it mean.

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Do you use p2p?

yes, thank you. it seems that 37464 port is default for u-torrent. but i get these incomings even if u-torrent is disabled. does it mean my host is in some tracker databases ?

p2p is about sharing. In uTorrent you can select whichever port you wish, but when you have taken what you want then disconnect, others will still be trying to get the pieces you have.

Yep, I can confirm that. But funny after I’ve disabled Teredo interface I have no alerts now when I close utorrent. :o