What's with the signature database being updated pop-ups

I seldom shut my PC down. When I go to my PC I get continues pop-ups from CIS stating CIS signature database is being updated then a pop-up with database has been updated. Some times 6 to 8 times in a row. Are these just queued messages?

You should probably update your version of CIS. This was fixed in the 3.10 release.

But yes, those are queued messages.

Comodo will check many times a day for an update (I am not sure if it is on the projected half an hour checks). When you don’t click them away you will layered pop ups.

I’m running 3.11.xxxxx.552!!!

HeffeD stated that this was fixed in V3.10… I’m running V3.11.108364.552 so apparently it wasn’t fixed. I understand that they are queued pop-ups, no harm done but it can be annoying at times. Is this something that’s going to be addressed?

It was addressed. You can turn them off now, previously you could not.

Uncheck the two locations shown in the screenshots and you won’t see them anymore.

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