What's up with the icons of bookmarks?

Hi everybody!
Help me, I’m confused - the icons of my bookmarks don’t look properly: they get mixed up or even lost.
My CD runs in the Comodo Firewall sandbox with the “Partial Limited” level (file system virtualization is disabled) and I don’t want to take it out yet.
What should I do?


Any changes made (modifying settings, adding or changing bookmarks) while Dragon is sand-boxed, do not persist between sessions. Restarting the browser will revert to its initial state, before it was sand-boxed.

Thank you for your support!

you can delete bookmarks icons also:

C:\Users<YOU>\AppData\Local\Comodo\Dragon\User Data\Default

the file is named: Favicons

Thanks for responses!

It’s all the same… :embarassed: I have taken my Dragon out from the sandbox, deleted “Favicons” and re-saved the panel bookmarks. Then I’ve put my Dragon in the sandbox - the bookmark icons has been looking properly for a while. But then the problem is back. How to solve it finally?