Whats up with the facebook marketing?

guys, whats going on with cmodo on facebook? a lot of posts showing here…

btw… nice dance video :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi yro,

please tell us what is going in the 1st place, because not all of us using facebook

aside note: I would use it only When & IF I’ll start loosing my mind :smiley:



hmmm - that’s pure ■■■■ (my personal opinion)


It’s Melih at work unless I mistaken :slight_smile: He is very active again on the forum and facebook which is good to see :slight_smile: :-TU I say about time! Good to see Comodo push their products :slight_smile:

maybe i expressed myself badly… it was a joke… a moment of fun in this crazy forum :smiley:

Once again, Yro, your humor escapes us.