Whats up with "Learning" thing?

Ok, I am above average computer user but this Defense+ thing has confused me … whats up with all this “Learning” thing? … I have set my Defense+ to “Train with Safe Mode” … and every time I open something it alerts me this this application launched that application and that Defense+ is learning …

Even if explorer.exe launched firefox.exe 10 times, it will alert me all the times … where is the thing Defense+ learnt already?

I mean, whats up?

someone please enlighten me.

This may be a bug connected to the new version of Firefox. On the other hand, there are many processes that can invoke the browser, so the rules created may be involving a number of ways that the browser interacts with the OS. To check, look at the Firewall>Advanced>Network Security Policy dialog. Scroll down the list of entries. If there are multiple entries for Firefox, this is a bug. If this checks out to be so, please make a bug report. You may be able to fix it by adding firefox to the “Define a New Trusted Application” list in the firewall and “My Own Safe Files” list in Defense+.