What's up with all the false positives lately?

I’m a paid BOClean user for years. During all that time, I rarely saw a false positive from BOClean. Since Comodo took over, FP’s are popping up all over the place. Is it because Kevin has “handed off” some of the development to the Comodo guys?

I’m hoping all of this is just growing pains. I submitted a false positive last week. Although it looks like it was fixed within 24 hours, I never did get any type of response from the email that I sent it. Not like the old days when Kevin would respond to emails within a few hours with a custom build of BOClean if needed.

I guess “free” does have a price.

Every false positive is annoying to say the very least but I really can’t complain about Boclean’s record, in the years I’ve been using it I’ve had very few fp’s, and today’s the first for some time, maybe I’ve been lucky. Compared to some other security programs out there Bocleans record isn’t too bad.

I learned long ago, the hard way, to never delete something straight up but to go and get a second opinion from Mr.Google.

hi Jimmy D…

Well the team has gone thru a transformation and did have growing pains and they sure learnt from it :slight_smile:

its important to utilize the resources in the right place for the right reasons. Such valuable resource as Kevin should be utilized in helping to develop better products to secure the masses rather than playing a customer care person. Yep, we all enjoy his posts/emails and his style, however i would rather have him build the next version of a top notch security product to protect the masses for free. We are now covering more malware as with Comodo there is a much larger AV Lab team helping Kevin. So you are being protected better, even though you are not paying for it. Yes the only difference is the personal touch from Kevin, but for the benefit of the masses, I would say lets keep him building top notch products for us all, than having to do customer care.

Thank you for being a paid user of Boclean, without you and people like you, the world would have been less safer place! Literally! Thanks to you, Boclean is now protecting many, many users and creating a safer eco system for us all!


Forgive me, but I read into this that since you don’t want Kevin to answer, then nobody should answer. This in fact seems to be the case since nobody else has stepped up in his place.

The fact that Kevin had responded and acted on issues so quickly in the past is part of what made boclean such a top-notch product. Given the larger number of resources available now, it is disconcerting that nobody has continued with the previous practice.

Use the recent false positives as an example. It appears to have taken most of a full day to resolve these. I did not find any posts from Comodo indicating these were fixed and only found posts from others that had manually updated very late in the day.

Most of these FPs were with a multitude of standard microsoft-provided OS objects. With the old boclean we would never have expected this to happen. With the new boclean it did :frowning:

With the old boclean, something of this magnitude would have been acknowledged by Kevin early on. An update would have been made available quickly, and notice would be made via email and in those various forums where users identified the issue. None of this happend with the new boclean.

I don’t think it is the lack of presence by Kevin that is of specifc concern, but rather the role he used to fill has gone unfilled since the acquisition by Comodo.

I too am a paid user, and I would prefer to pay and obtain the support we had previously than to get less support for free now. At some point a poorly-supported product becomes too “expensive” to continue to use and ultimately gets removed. If a product is free to start with, that threshold is likely lower.

We should all take this experience as exactly that: Experience to help Comodo do a better job in the future.

Shady Bimmer

You raise fair points. I agree with your deduction of the situation. The Comodo Boclean team should work on their communication with our users.

thank you for your post.


Also as a paid user of BOClean you can include me in this concern for support and communication.
This is not a knock on Comodo at least there is a board to post your concerns or problems but the support here is a downgrade as compared to when Kevin and Nancy were doing it and hopefully this is something that will be looked into.

What differentates us in the market place apart our superb free products is how accessible and how supportive we are when it comes to our users. I don’t think anyone can deny how very supportive Comodo is of its users. We will make sure to continue in that tradition for the Comodo Boclean product range…