Whats This?

collection_store: Failed to write to DBM file “/tmp/ip”: Invalid argument


/wp-login.php HTTP/1.0

Possible you have reached SDBM library limit. The solution is here https://www.purehacking.com/blog/josh-zlatin/increasing-modsecurity-collection-size-limits

whats this?

collections_remove_stale: Failed deleting collection (name “ip”, key “”): Internal error

/wp-content/themes/WPTube4/images/bgr_outerwrappertop.jpg HTTP/1.1

Please, see this link:

seems like this is issue with mod_security. Leme contact with cpanel and see what they suggest

CPanel recommends contacting Comodo support, which is what I have just done. I believe they need to fix the length of the log entries they are logging to fit within the maximum character limit, because current Apache limits are quite low. I have not yet tried the solution proposed here https://www.purehacking.com/blog/josh-zlatin/increasing-modsecurity-collection-size-limits but it refers to packages that are already outdated and obsolete, so I am not sure I want to perform this type of patchwork without making sure it won’t be lost in the next round of Apache updates and without making sure it actually works!


Increasing modsecurity collection size limits doesn’t help on high-load servers. We cannot decrease the key size or record length, because it isn’t effective at a large number of requests. In both cases we’ll get the same error.