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Important News About Comodo Firewall - We Are No Longer Recommending It!

As most of you know, the free firewalls are suddenly not free any longer. While it appears that Kerio will once again be offering a free version someday (they were recently purchased by Sunbelt software) they do not offer one as of this writing. Recently, in our quest to find a good free firewall, we came across “Comodo” firewall. We tested it and found it to work well and began to recommend it to our readers. We did our research on the program but not on the company that makes it. We have since learned that the same company that makes the Comodo Firewall, also makes an Internet Explorer Toolbar called, paradoxically, “Trust Toolbar”. It appears that the Trust Toolbar is anything but trustworthy. In fact it’s recognized by SpySweeper and other good anti-spyware as questionable software product and a browser/start page hijacker. While we never recommended the “Trust Toolbar” we did recommend the Comodo Firewall, not realizing that the company that makes both products was the same. Effective immediately we are not recommending the Comodo Firewall. Even though there is no evidence that there is anything questionable about Comodo Firewall we cannot support any company who makes spyware/adware/malware or any kind of questionable software at all. TC & EB.


You should read through this thread as it comes up there. Comodo is not spyware.



Lol, where was this found … ?

So, Comodo also makes a toolbar that isn’t privacy sensitive … Well, we all know that Comodo Firewall is a GREAT firewall (one of the best FREE ones out there) and works really well. Will that stop us from using it … Some of us, maybe, but not me. I don’t even store much private info on technology. Plus, the makers of Comodo Firewall are working hard to make it better, taking suggestions and implementing them. I say that outrules what the toolbar thing did by a long shot.

no no said it was but something else the company makes is, or so it seems hmmmmm very interesting

well it is really a firewall maker making spyware not a bad way of getting spyware into computers is it?

This is TrustToolbar:

It’s a browser toolbar that while you browse the internet it checks the sites you visit against its database to see verify if it is legitimate or not as well as provide information about it.

If you read through the link in my previous post you will see, as well as see feedback from antispyware companies stating that it is NOT spyware.


Here is where is was found Cloudeight Information Avenue and yes I do have a conodo firewall but come on, that would worry any “normal” user of your firewall and I am still worried but time will tell if I have reason to be

Also, you may want to check out this link along with my previous one:


It contains a list of antispyware companies that have removed / or never had TrustToolbar from / in the database.


In a world where the world’s super power went to war over “mis-information”, its ok to expect a small website like thundercloud to rely on the judgement of a antispyware vendor. However, what is sad is, this very antispyware vendor that thundercloud relied on to make that statement has corrected their mistake, but thundercloud has not!

Its very sad that people can’t simply accept they made a mistake and own up to it!


That article appears to have been published in 2005, which makes the information in it a little suspect in my book. Has the company ‘relooked’ Comodo? Does it intend to?

I, for one, wouldn’t consider giving up my Comodo based solely on that article.


*** Not to poster, but if poster wants to send this to THE MARTHA STEWART SECURITY CENTER ::slight_smile: they may copy my reply…***

I just want to mention, myself and many others are no strangers to technology. If in fact anything from Comodo had spyware, I would know. I know what goes on in my registry, what keys were modified, new files, folders, any dlls that are threatening, the list goes on. Not to mention I have anti spyware. So when I use any of their products and “none have been found as spyware” by any new version of Adaware, spybot, hijack this, or any others I run plus my own knowledge of it.

That said, can you tell me if you are well versed enough to make a judgement call on Comodo products from a place you dwell that is like MARTHA STEWARTS SECURITY CENTER? Believing this would be an insult to those who use Comodo products in that we are obviouly not knowledgable enough to know when we have spyware from any program.

I would think not.

Nah, you don’t get a “cheers”


Just to note, I emailed them and expect a reply.