Whats the Story with Comodo CFP 3xxx & CIS 3.5 & RAXCO Perfect Disk?

Is it just me or is there major slow down and incompatibility levels with Perfect Disk 8 & Perfect Disk 2008 with Both of these COMDO Products ? I don’t know about any of you fellas but Perfect Disk8 as well as Pefect Disk 2008 both CRAWWWWWWWWWWL after comodo software is installed.

well all i can say is it has to be something on your computer other then CFP i have had perfect disk installed for a about 6 months now or more and also have CFP and i can say mine is quite speedy to say the least. i would look into something else causing your issue.

Trust me a am a IT Professional and I have been using this program (Perfect Disk)for years now and my software configuration never Changes and is always stable. the only “NEW” thing introduced to my System is Comodo Products

MY Set Up>

D.F.I LanParty UT 790FX-M2R ~
AMD Phenom 9600 Black Edition ~ For Bios Testing ~
Tuniq Tower 120
2x2gb OCZ Reaper HPC (PC2 8500) 5-5-5-18 ~
Auzentech XPlosion
2~SUPERMICRO CSE-M35T- 5 Bay Hot-Swap SATA Cages
Areca 1231 ML {Intel IOP 341} ~ 6 ~ 250gb Hitachi Sata II Raid 6 ~ 2 ~ Seagate ES.2 250gb ~ Raid 0 ~
LITE-ON 20X DVD -DH-20A4P-08
SilverStone OP1000
CM Stacker STC-T01
XP Pro SP3

And this is a clean Install From a Image I took with ACRONIS TI ECHO WORK STATION.
I did this to see if I could duplicate this situation and I did so its a COMODO / RAXCO incompatibility Issue! Another thing, on both instances of O.S problem with RAXCO/COMODO upon uninstalling COMODO Perfect Disk went back to Normal Both Times.

that is interesting to say the least i have never had a problem with raxco perfect disk and comodo but that docent say that on some systems it would not be true. maybe one of the more knowledgeable members may be able to help out here.

Brother Esau

There have been bug reports by a few people about CIS slowing down Defragging, So it has been reported and all we gotta do is wait for the fix in future versions, So you are right about this.


Thank you , 3xist it was not a matter of me being Right on my end it was more of a matter of Reporting this issue and Validating it with Factual Knowledge and proof so that it may be addressed by the programming engineers in a timely manner. Glad that I could help out.

P.S…This issue is also Present with the Comodo Firewal Pro 3xxxx Stand alone too.


I never had a slow down with CFP and PD8. Be sure your using PD8 Build 64. Also make PD91Agent,PD91Engine and PD91Scanner trusted programs under D+. PD8.exe should also be trusted. You can also add Raxco to the trusted vendors.

What I experienced was done with my Copy of Perfect Disk 8 ( current Build) and also I had downloaded Perfect Disk 2008 (which I don’t care for!) but it was for testing reasons that I cover all basis. I also read the documentation on RAXCO site in Regards to “Boot Time” Defragmentation and Comodo Firewall Issue but Boot Time Defragmentation was not the Issue at all matter fact it worked fine. I am referring to general Major Slow Down with the Program itself like a Estimated time Analyzing 1:12 min >>>>>>that’s absurd and at the rate it was analyzing it would have taken every bit of that time frame to complete. If you notice I run Enterprise Level Hardware Raid so Disk speed is not the Issue here either.

I had also tried adding them into Trusted APPS list and giving the full privileges but that made no difference at all unfortunately.

There is an update for CIS 3.5 Scheduled for this upcoming Tuesday. So let’s wait and see. :slight_smile:


wow i have a 298Gig disk and it only takes it total time to defrag 25 to 35 min. if even that sometimes. but it dose like mr tech says below me depend on your habits.

Frogger the size of you disk doesn’t matter. How much stuff is on it does matter. I have 2 Seagate 160 GIG drives. Drive “C” has about 80 gigs on it and 80 free. My “F” drive has 120 gigs on it and only 40 free. PD takes about 3 hours or so to completely defrag them both. Also it depends on how fragmented your drive it to begin with. If all you do is browse the internet you will not have alot of fragmented files. If your a gamer like me and update your drivers once a month. Unininstall and reinstall things. Patch games. Download music. If you do those things then your will have more fragmented files. Hence along time to defrag.

37gb used out of a 145gb Partition ~2~ Seagate ES.2 250gb Raid 0

Fresh XP Pro 32 bit SP3 O.S Installation from Image. The only Programs on the Image I made are CS3 Web Design Creative Suite , Office 2007 Enterprise , First Defense-ISR with Secondary Snapshot of O.S , Programs Created , Acronis ECHO Worstation , Perfect Disk 8, WinAmp, NOD32 , Super Anti Spyware (SAS) and of course all Updates , Drivers, etc , etc

All of my Data is on my Raid 6 Storage Array so I don’t load down my O.S Drive. Remainder of Partition Space On Raid 0 Array is for (Partition 2 ) Vista 32 bit …(.Partition 3) Server 2008 64 bit

Multi Boot Environment and Partitions Controlled by… BootIt NG (B.I.N.G)

Erased C:\ Restore Vista 32 Bit ( Bare Metal ) Image Perfect Disk 8 works Fine. Installed BOClean (Reboot) shut down BOClean>>> Installed CIS Rebooted …Problems Are Apparent/Present with Perfect Disk 8 after Comodo CIS install .

Same Identical Issue Different O.S with No Programs other then Perfect Disk 8 installed. That Rules out Conflict with other Programs that I had installed on my XP Pro 32 bit SP3 Image!

I see no defragging slowdown. However CAVS has never touched my machine - only CFP and CIS firewall/D+ only.

I had done the Tests with Both CFP 3xxx & C.I.S on my XP Pro SP3 Installs Vista Image Install was Tested with C.I.S only.

Vista Ultimate SP1 64-bit
CIS 3.5.54375.427
I have the same problem with PerfectDisk 2008 and the new CIS ona clean install of OS and all software. PerfectDisk analyzed and defragged my partitions rapidly wilth all programs prior to loading CIS. After CIS, the PerfectDisk Analysis & Defrag are at least 10-20 times slower than before CIS.
Raxco set as Trusted Vendor.
PerfectDisk executables also trusted.

Mine hasn’t changed on three differently setup computer with a quad and three duals.

Hi, i’ve CIS 3.8.65951.477 and Perfect Disk 2008 and, if the realtime virus scanner is enable, PD slow down a lot.
Things become normal if i disable the realtime virus scanner.

P.S: sorry for my english, i’m Italian (:TNG)

I have the latest CIS version (*.477) and PerfectDisk 10. No trouble here…

No trouble for me too (CIS 3.8 & Raxco Perfectdisk 10) :ilovecomodo: