What's the right way to shutdown and restart Comodo Firewall

I am a first time Comodo Firewall user just install ver 2.4 yesterday. I wanted to shutdown comodo firewall so I right click then exit out. When opened the task manager it still shows cmdagent.exe running, I did end task on cmdagent.exe.

After a few minutes I wanted to start the firewall again, so I go to the program>comodo>firewall> click on the comodo firewall pro, the cpf comes up but the cmdagent.exe didn’t. I went to services try to manually start it but it failed. The only way for me to bring the firewall up was to restart my pc. Is this a bug in ver 2.4 or is there a better way to shutdown all the components and restart it. I used Zonealarm pro when I shutdown it, all the components of zonealarm firewall is stop. Thanks.

You can’t actually shut down ALL of the firewall. INSPECT.SYS is the kernel level driver that performs the statefule packet analysis, and it can’t be shut down (AFAIK). As the other reply said, rightclick and select exit. This will close down access to the GUI. Terminating the cmdagent and cpf processes can be done, but the guts are still running.

Ewen :slight_smile: