What's the purpose of @4365926526524 in virus names?

So whats the purpose of those @<RANDOM_NUMBERS> appended to every virus name? It looks weird and confusing and i really see no real point in using such naming scheme.

Good question. I’ve wondered about that myself, but just assumed it was a memory location or something.

Most probably the byte position from where the detected malicious code starts.

Well i think it’s totally useless and only bloats already long virus names. Comodo guys can have them for debugging purposes in their labs but for public they should remove them. Those numbers don’t mean anything to me, to you or anyone else except Comodo guys.

From what I remember hearing, it is in fact for the COMODO AV Analysists. When users submit FPs it makes the analysts’ job easier so they can correct it faster and get it fixed in the next update. Of course they don’t mean anything to us, but they help COMODO.

I agree with you.
In my opinion I don’t like a detection name with a lot of number (Most of these are used in some Korean security apps.)

I think it’s doesn’t nessary for user.

i think that all that virus should have a name.
well i know that this took time, but common it’s more easy.