What's the preferred public firewall used by hackers?

Just wondering has any hacker commented on CIS?

I guess a windows hacker use CIS, OA, OP or KIS (the four best firewalls). IA linux hacker, you know…

Edit: GakunGak, I’m not a hacker, excuse. ;D

You Linux hacker, you use Firestarter… :smiley:
CIS is awesome 'cos it has port stealth ability, also you can see connections…
Step 1: Patch all programs and install all updates
Step 2: Use CIS + PeerBlock + Anonymus Proxy.
Step 3: Pray to anything you believe not to be caught.
Step 0.5a: Don’t do it.
Step 0.05b: Seriously, don’t do it!

I asked not because I’m a hacker or intend to hack but usually hackers are the most critical to Computer security so if they are themselves using CIS then I’d know CIS is really good! ;D

If they are using it that’s one thing but do you really think they are gonna use it without hacking it or trying to hack it to death?

It’s funny you write that, From the topic I saw else where (lets just say a darker part of the net) would be linux w/ a tweak out open-source firewall, And for windows - Kaspersky (KIS) and Comodo (CIS) The comodo anti-virus part was up for debate from somewhere like (decent to good) but not poor or great either. Usually will run another anti-virus with it in real-time. I personally think it should be on statefull setting

As for browser, I know opera is fairly popular because it’s less targeted by their own peers (most likely because very few people use it). And Internet Explorer is not for obvious reasons.

But then again, why would I need Comodo when I could use Live Linux Penetration tools, like Backtrack?
Windows has many backdoors for “intelligence” agencies and no security suite can protect you from that, it’s designed as it is… PTech/Promis can enter at any time…
Still, a weapon of choice for Windows:

That’s true. For this reason I recomend TrueCrypt.

No it doesn’t…

O RLY? :smiley:

Yep. Urban legend…

M$ has always flat out denied that there have ever been back doors built into Windows for security agency use. There has never been proof otherwise. Hackers have been able to exploit many security holes, but what about this fabled backdoor? Why has nobody found anything except a variable name? In millions of lines of code, it’s hardly surprising to find a variable named NSA_Key. And surely M$ is savvy enough not to name it something as stupidly obvious as that… 88)

And hey, it must really be effective! Hard drive forensics is a big business. I thought the NSA could just poke their head in the back way. :wink:

I trust these guys more than M$.


And would they ever admit anything? I wouldn’t.
Even if it’s false, new intel chipsets can enable anyone to enter your BIOS and do interesting stuff there while your PC is off… Probably not much, BUT STILL a security breach.
My opinion, we agree to disagree… I mean, if h4x0rz can penetrate pentagon, or any military comp. systems, why would WE be more secure?

Hehe… You seriously think NSA is placing holes in Windows, or that they need to in order to hack home computers?? 88) :-TU

But lets say you are correct, why would it matter??

Why use a bullet proof west when there are bullets that will go straight through it??

O0 :-TU

No, Windows is placing holes FOR the NSA or _____[insert 3-letter group name of power trip freaks].
It’s what I would want if I was a head of intelligence gathering/monitoring agency.
Anyway, to close my conspiracy theory, there is something that is running and even with stealthed ports, that service enables those guys to tap into your comp at ease. I mean, if they have Echelon, I can imagine what else they have behind the scenes… If you didn’t heard of it, it does not mean it’s not there. And remember, those fellas have much more money than… you get the idea…
Back on topic:
Defense+ and antivirus component of comodo are not needed for hackers/crackers, I would use their firewall, and good anonymus proxy, PeerGuardian, SecuniaPSI, Sandboxie, and all that on a fresh installed windows with fake names/organisations/registrations or on a virtual machine…
If you live in some hell-hole like I do, then you don’t even need those stuff to hide… :stuck_out_tongue:

@Monkey_Boy=): But lets say you are correct, why would it matter??
I don’t care, if I am of any interest to them, they would find TONES and TONES and TONES of downloaded software, games, books and movies. As for music, I listen soundtracks from games and movies :stuck_out_tongue:

NSA is placing holes in Windows
I've read it and thought it was funny :)

But seriously, I’m sure NSA doesn’t need microsofts help. They can come up with their own exploits, just like any other hacker worth their weight

As for proxies, a few of them are government funded, then theres the underground fund projects(do you want to trust either of them) The only safe proxy is to create and run one yourself

Thank you, sir, didn’t know that!!!

I thank the bullet resistant vest analogy is pretty good.
If it is one of the 3-digit intelligence agencies that want your data,I am pretty sure
they can get it.
For that matter,they could just seize your computer,or zip a cruise missile into your
bathroom closet,and say your water-heater blew up.

But these are not the people you need to worry about.
If you have their attention,your problems and “threat gates”
extend way past computer security issues.

Not ever “hacker” is a “master-hacker”,but any of them can hurt you if they get in.
I just want to stop the “small arms fire”,no point worrying about nukes.

To awnser the OPs queston,I would bet most of them, rely on some sort of hardcore
router rather than a software firewall.

*My apologies, I think I misread the post

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What? I thanked the guy for telling me something I did not know [honestly] and I learned something from him. Not everyone is a master guru of computer science… :stuck_out_tongue:

What? I thanked the guy for telling me something I did not know [honestly] and I learned something from him
I'm sorry I thought you were being sarcastic. I guess I misread your post If it helps, I'll edit my post and remove my own comment

again, sorry :slight_smile: