What's the Point of CIS Pro?

the only difference i see with the internet security pro is that it has the virus free guarantee and the remote virus removal. this seems pretty good to me especially for a cheap price of $19.99 for 1 year license.

my questions:

  1. what if the virus disables my internet connection and geekbuddy cannot access my computer remotely?

  2. is it just me or does the price increase exponentially? comodo internet security pro 1 year is $19.99, 2 year is $84.98, and 3 years is $119.98. why the big gap between 1 year and 2 year? doesn’t this encourage people to just buy a 1 year subscription? (maybe this is the point, but i don’t know)

  3. just confirming: if I buy Internet Security Pro for one year $19.99, I receive GeekBuddy Support FREE? No EXTRA CHARGES?


I use -security software- to stay virusfree

Hello jhehe,

Ill be glad to answer your questions:

  1. Geekbuddy operates ONLY through your PC Internet connectivity. Without it, it would be impossible for the Geekbuddy service to take control over the computer. If a virus blocks your internet connection, you still have a couple of ways to eliminate the malware:

A. Using GeekBuddy with a malware blocking the Internet access: START > RUN > Type msconfig > Select BOOT.INI tab > Under “boot options” select /SAFEBOOT > Then select NETWORK > OK
Using this method, you will restart your computer in safe mode (with high probabilities to block the malware to start) and still use the Internet connection. Then manually open Geekbuddy and enjoy Geekbuddy support.

B. If previous step is not effective (because the malware still starts in safe mode), then you can use many useful tools provided by COMODO for FREE!!!
For malware removal: Comodo Cleaning Essentials and/or Comodo Rescue Disk.

  1. The regular price for CIS Pro is $49.99/yr. Currently, COMODO has realeased a special price for CIS PRO, only $19.99/yr. Thats why you see the “big gap”.

  2. Answer: YES! :-TU