Whats the point of "Check for Updates"?

Whats the point of “Check for Updates” when you don’t offer updates??
It’s obvious by the numerous posts here that there are some very serious bugs in your program. You guys should be working overtime to resolve them before you lose credibility.
I’m not feeling good about installing your stuff right now.

When new version releases, you can upgrade ctm by “Check for Updates”.
If you are now in 154, you can upgrade to 157.

Hi Masterblaster.
I’m glad you can pay attention to CTM. Thanks.
I know you want CTM to be a very good product. Me too. We never stop. My guys are hard working on it everyday. We will improve CTM step by step.
And I know, many users reported bugs. Some of them are very serious problems. We will fix them as soon as possible. We already tried to contact with other users directly. To help them to solve the problem.
If you have any questions about CTM, please feel free to contact with me. I posted my contact information to you just now.

Thanks for your support.

I’m replying to this topic only because I saw a Global Mod’s reply from yesterday (2nd of February 2010).

I love CTM products and wish to donate to support the development of these wonderful apps. I’ve personally bought CIS just because the Comodo Firewall is so ■■■■ great, and that it comes with the AV as well.

But to be honest, this forum really needs more support, it kinda aches my heart that Comodo can release such wonderful products but lack the support in helping users. Part of the support is to review some feedbacks that users give as well, whether positive or negative.

I’ve posted 2 topics regarding Comodo Time Machine and CIS and none of them were answered for at least a week. I posted them very recently as well, at least within 2 weeks, and nobody answered them. I checked the CTM help section and see tons of topics left unanswered.

I know my post in this topic is irrelevant but seeing that some mods actually do reply in this section, i hope they can take notice and that someone, will help US out, hopefully.