What's the difference between the various installers?


I understand that there are four parts to Comodo Internet Security (Firewall, Antivirus, Defense+ (HIPS) & Sandbox), and that you can choose to install whichever parts you want (or not) from the CIS installer.

When it came to download it, I found that there were 3 different installers available for download - cav_installer_x86.exe (32,219,592 bytes), cfw_installer_x86.exe (32,219,592 bytes) and cispremium_installer_x86.exe (32,219,080 bytes).

Are the stand-alone antivirus and firewall installers actually not stand-alone, and actually contain everything? Because they’re identical in size, are they identical files? Also, how can the full CIS Premium installer which is supposed to contain both the antivirus and the firewall, be smaller than either of them?

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during the installation you will be able to choose what to install. The HIPS will be installed in either case.


Do you mean that I should download the cispremium_installer_x86.exe?

Why is it smaller than both the firewall alone and the antivirus alone?

it doesn’t matter which you download (as far as I know) because they all have the same size. the msi.file is smaller than the exe file.


They are all .exe files.

Also, the CIS Premium installer from download.com is 60,595,656 bytes, which would seem more like a combination of the firewall and antivirus.

The .exe’s have always been the same size regardless of which application you choose to download. IIRC, they recently did some repacking of the .exe, which has reduced the download size. It’s likely the download sites haven’t updated their installers.

Do either of you work for Comodo? It’s difficult to tell.

HeffeD, I could understand if all of the files were exactly the same size, but as I said, the CIS installer is slightly smaller than the other two.

No, just users.

They’re all the same size.

Edit: My apologies. I just downloaded them all, and sure enough, the CIS Premium installer is 1KB smaller than the other two. I do not know why this is.

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Where did you go to find files that are ~60MB? As I said, the ones I was looking at were ~30MB (I’m downloading from Download Antivirus for Mac | Free Antivirus Software for Mac is that wrong?)

Also, were the filesizes actually the same as the size reported on the webpage in your pictures?

Thank you for the help.

Comodo made the exe file smaller but it’s still the same.

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The webpage says they’re almost twice as large as they actually are. So yes, the 30MB files are the installers you want.

Ah, like HeffeD said, they’ve used better compression or something, to get a smaller installer?

Out of curiosity, do you know why the CIS premium is slightly smaller than the other 2 installers?

The installers all hold the same files. The only difference is that each installer installs CIS differently. Each installer has slightly different scripts. That’s what explains the differences.

Yers, thank you EricJH, I have just read in the user manual that with the installation of CIS Premium, that both the anti-virus and the firewall must be installed, whereas, presumeably, with the “individual” downloads, you have the option to not install the other software.

I will use the Firewall installer as I don’t intend to install the anti-virus.

So the tiny difference in the size of the CIS Premium installer is almost certainly because it is missing (or has a different) screen for the option of anitvirus and/or firewall.

Thank you.

When you install premium, you are still given the choice of whether or not you want to install the firewall and AV.

In that case, the User Guide may need updating, or at least, clarifying.

Installing Comodo Firewall is a mandatory requirement if you are a Premium, Pro or Complete customer.
Installing Comodo Antivirus is a mandatory requirement if you are a Premium, Pro or Complete customer.

Page 17.