What's the difference between 'purge' and 'remove'?


HI, i want’o know the difference between ‘purge’ and ‘remove’.

If there are some apps which i want to purge from the list, i should do what?

‘purge’ or ‘remove’?

And, how to decision use ‘pruge’ and ‘remove’ on Different circumstances?

give a example??


As far as I’ve understood it, Purge will remove moved or deleted files from My pending files, while with Remove you can select files to remove from My pending files.


The My Pending Files list is only a list of programs that have been created on your computer. This list just allows you to check them for suspicious files. The process for handling them is to Purge the list first to remove listings that no longer exist. Then, you would Lookup the remaining files to see which ones are known. You might want to submit some or all of the unknown ones for a review and inclusion on the Safe files list. After that, if there are no unknowns that you are concerned about, just remove the files from the list to cut down on clutter. If a file worries you, note the name and try a Google search.