what's the difference between cloud scaner and the scaner now in cis4?

anybody knows what’s the difference between cloud scaner and the scaner now in cis4?can comodo cloud scaner detects more virus than cis?

The cloud scanner will detect new viruses earlier than CIS. That’s the purpose; quicker detection of viruses. CIS will get the latest definitions a bit later than the cloud.

Hope that answers your question.

…and cloud scanner needs a Internet connection

i dont get why should cloud be fast in detections ??

also is it possible that cloud scanning sometimes gives different report on detections of same data which happened in hitman pro latest version

The cloud will be faster because with signatures you have to compile databases and download with the cloud you can instantly check the file for malicious things.
I think this is it.
Maybe EricJH will telll me if im right?

That is right.

Different when compared to what? To previous detections by the cloud or to the scanner at the computer its self?

so is the cloud av scanner implemented in CIS 4 to the same level as it does in CIS 5? i thought that CIS 4 had no cloud scanning ability at all

No it is not, V4 does have some cloud ability but it is not as extensive as in V5 and as well implimneted. Also V4 does not have cloud behavior blocker that V5 does have.