What's the deal with the black frame?

Since last reboot, the notifications I get from Comodo have a thick black frame around the middle part (see the enclosed screenshot). It sort of reminds me of obituaries. What could have casued this? I’m using version 5.10.something on Windows 7.


Are Comodo & AVG set to ignore each other?

That’s just an example that turns out to be AVG’s… Otherwise, AVG is used for antivirus, and Comodo for firewall purposes, they don’t clash on my setup.

Except they could be trying to monitor each other’s monitoring resulting in odd behavior, performance drops, false positives etc. But I’ll take your word for it. :wink:

The dialog box is OK, but the design is weird now. Maybe it’s just a graphic adapter glitch; I’ll see if it changes after the reboot.