What's so hard?

What’s so hard in making V.E work with Opera? Now I am a Firefox user 99.99 per cent of the time but it’s still more then a little weird why Opera seems to be the only main broswer (out of the “big” three) that is not supported. (I won’t even get started on Google Chrome because that might if we are lucky V.E. might be suported in 2021.) P.S I really did not mean the thread to sounds the way it does honesly but someone has to pull their finger out.

Hey Patrice,

This is no answer but FYI, by market share Opera isn’t in the big three.
It is more like in fifth place with less than 1% market share and Chrome
in fourth place has almost double that market share.

Like anything else, it depends on who you ask.
But I believe these figures are a fair overall representation.

Peace out.