What's Port 55419 ?

Comodo Firewall blocked numerous attempts to connect to a UDP port 55419, from different IP addresses, browser is off when in fact no program is started. Here’s an example from log:

2012-03-24 00:00:25 Windows Operating System Blocked In UDP 6001 55419

Is there cause for concern and what is this port 55419?

Are you using a p2p application such as utorrent?

yes, i am using such application- bittorent but its closed most of the time

The fact that it’s closed, unless it’s been for quite a long time, won’t make a difference to others in the swarm, that you may have been sharing files with. Unfortunately, when you disconnect from a swarm, the others don’t know you’ve disconnected and will continue to ask for parts of the file you may have been sharing. This is just how these applications work.

The connections you’re seeing, assuming they are being caused by your p2p application, are the result of your having closed the client, leaving the inbound connections with nowhere to go. Because of this, the connections are being picked-up by Windows Operating System, which is basically just discarding them.

What we need to do now is see if it really is the p2p application causing these. For that, you’ll need to check the port your p2p client is using.

Are you behind a router or do you connect directly to the internet?

If you are behind a router then the bitttorrent client did not close the port when it got closed down. You can close them using the Universal Plug and Play interface of Windows (see image) or reboot the router.

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Listening port for incoming connections is different - 59640. Both options are checked also- Enable UPnP port mapping , Enable NAT-PMP port mapping

Yes, i am behind a router, but do i need to close them everytime i close bittorent? and is there any option to set this be done automaticaly, i am on XP if that matters. For me isnt a problem to let these connections be blocked, i just didnt knew before where the coming from and if there are harmfull or not.

The traffic in its self is not harmful. It just fills up the firewall logs.

If uTorrent is not causing it it could be Live Messenger f.e…

If you’re running Windows 7, they could still be indirectly related to p2p. However, as I mentioned earlier, when Windows Operating System is picking up inbound connections in this way, they’re basically being dropped. If they persist, you could always create an application firewall rule for Windows Operating system to block with out logging, then you won’t fill your logs…

ok, Thanks !

Actually 55419 was port for Skype, how can i define such a firewall rule for this to block without logging?

Take a look at the images below. Basically you’ll create an application firewall rule. Once created, place the rule below the rule for Skype.

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Works perfect, :-TU thanks!