What's new in v ??

I had been using

i clicked on the update button, hoping only to determine whether or not any updates were available.

without being given any details, or choice whether or not I wanted to proceed, it apparently found, downloaded, and installed version

I have not been able to find any documentation on this update so far… anyone??

i just checked my CFP 2.4 and also was updated sometime without knowing… but like you also cant find any documentation on the new version

After reading this post I checked my v2.4 and yes I have (Database version: 3.0) installed!

Also checked the file hippo site and this version is not listed.

Looks like V2.4 has had a stealth update (:CLP) :■■■■

How do you know???


Ehhhh, Stealth updates … kinda rings a bell… Microsoft? >:(