What's my IP past my router?

Hello all,

Ok, I am wanting to find my IP that is shown to the outside world when i log on to a server or something. Now my firewall tells me its due to the fact that I’m on a router, which is also shared with another computer. Same with ipconfig /all in cmd…now there are a billion people in the world with this same address. So how in the world do i find what im seen as?

Also i am using an IP Hider, just in case that matters in the process.

My service is mediacom cable.


www.whatsmyip.org it will tell you at the top of the Page :slight_smile:

Yeah that was a noob question sorry lmfao I was thinking the ip hider was affecting it thats why. got it now though

lol I’ve had plenty of noob questions it’s all good though. Glade you found your real IP