What's happening?

  • Attachments that disappear in posts.
  • No email notifications on new posts and ■■■ anymore.
  • No new forum members anymore.

This all is happening for several days now.
What might happen next?

So, what’s happening?

the armageddon ;D ;D ;D

Such a relief. It can’t get worse than that! ;D ;D ;D

Seriously, things are not right or working as they should.

Any response mods or staff?

Isn’t disarray almost always the state of affair around here :smiley:

That never came to my notice. :wink:

;D update in servers, changes in database isolation social severe…
or armageddon :stuck_out_tongue: :D;D

Hi All,

We are aware of these issues. We’ll get back to you as earlier as possible.

A weird post somewhere on this forum…
What’s up with Admin[Nick] ? ? ?

Looks like some stranger promoted to Admin level . . . ? ? ? ???

It’s a Staff member name on the forum - not a position

To avoid confusion, absolutely no offence to the Staff Member in question (if the name is still in use by the owner, that is).

I got dragged away by reading the Admin part in the name and I wouldn’t expect such a weird post from an Admin.
Also got dragged away by the fact that the name is forum member number 1 on the list which made me also think in the Admin direction.

Anyway, it seems not to be an Admin position but the post is still weird.

Just maybe they’re working on the issue(s) which have been mentioned in this thread, bearing in mind earlier the reply from C.O.M.O.D.O RT . . . and doing some testing

Hi CISfan,

“Attachments that disappear in posts” is fixed. Kindly check.

Hi C.O.M.O.D.O RT,

The images in all posts with images in topic “Comodo site doesn’t list CIS” are visible again, the issue is fixed.
Thank you.

Hi CISfan,

Forum email notification issue is solved. Kindly confirm.

Hello C.O.M.O.D.O RT,

Yes, email notifications do work again, thank you.

However all email notifications do end up in the SPAM box of gmail, I have to move the email notifications to the inbox each time.
Can this issue be fixed too?

Please see attached image which is the gmail warning I saw on my screen on opening the received email notification on your post.