Whats happened to the family signatures?.

Perhaps someone can explain to me what is going on with the family signatures?.I say this because its been over a month since 3.10 was released and correct me if i am wrong, but arent we supposed to see a significant reduction in the size ot the data base?.

All i have seen personally is a daily increase and the db is about to hit 6 million!.If some aspect of converting the sigs generically has occurred then perhaps someone from Comodo could tell us how may sigs have been converted and when we will see " a noticeable reduction".

I say all this because i believe we will see an increase in detection and a reduction in fps when there is a significant difference in data base size.


I would also like to know and what is going on with Daisy, any updates… O0

Daisy is still doing her make up…

she will be stunning…soon…

The wait is unbearable, I’m pacing back and forth with excitement. Anyway, Melih is Daisy similar to VIPRE new MX-Virtualization technology? If they are not similar could you say what sets them apart?


I do not know exactly what/how vipre works…

Daisy is an AI Engine, server side, helping our AV labs. Its not in the client.


Thanks. :slight_smile: